Technical Review

Delevan Street Biosciences specializes in performing market assessments for technologies in asssitance with university technology transfer offices throughout the United States.  Below are some examples of these projects that allow for one to get a general idea of what I have done.  If you wish to contact us with regard to any market analyses, please feel free to reach out at

  • A university in the Southern USA on commercialization of biochemical techniques to measure certain compounds in breast milk and the diagnostic potential of genetic expression signatures in cancer diagnosis
  • A university in the Western USA considering the commercialization of nutritional supplements to treat autoimmune disease
  • A university in the Southern USA on the commercial potential of new bioinformatics algorithms
  • A university in the Southern USA looking at the commercialization potential of a novel electrochemical detection system for immunoassays
  • A university in the Eastern USA looking at the commercial potential of bacteria engineered to grow faster for industrial biotechnology


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