Market Research

Delevan Street has worked with Business Communications Corporation to Produce a variety of market research reports about key topics in the biotechnology field.  Linked here are the various reports I have contributed on.  To learn more about purchasing these reports, reach out to my colleagues through this link.


Global Markets for Microbiology Technology, Equipment and Consumables

Suppliers of microbiology consumables and equipment are discussed in terms of market share, product types and geography. Certain consumables and equipment are almost universal to the microbiology market, but many tools are sector specific, and this report will highlight the differences.

Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Technology: Global Markets

The focus of this report is on the equipment used within the digital PCR sector and the particular reagents used therein that are specifically dedicated within. The different technologies used for digital PCR and their associated reagents were analyzed to explore the scope of the marketplace that exists for this technology.

Laboratory-Developed Testing: Technologies and Markets

This report focuses on clinical laboratories that use laboratory-developed testing to meet emerging and unique needs in healthcare.  This report will also focus on suppliers of the analyte-specific reagents used within these laboratory-developed tests, as their contract manufacturing is a key to the successful development of these tests.

Liquid Handling: Technologies and Global Markets

This report will focus on liquid handling equipment for biological and chemical laboratory use. There will be a variety of different applications included in the scope of this report. This report will not focus on total laboratory automation solutions, as it will not cover the software and integrating hardware needed for these purposes.

Laboratory Automation: Technologies and Global Markets

A particular focus will be placed on the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostics and academic science industries, as demand for laboratory automation is strongest in these fields. Academic science is unique, as it entails both users of laboratory automation and creators of new uses for laboratory automation through the dissemination of new techniques and ideas through research. Staffing shortages throughout the clinical diagnostics industry have driven the demand for more automation to reduce staffing demands. New applications developed by both industry and academia, along with the demand for new drugs and clinical diagnostics, are noted drivers of demand in the clinical diagnostics, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

2015 Healthcare Research Review

2014 Biotechnology Research Review

My work has also been featured as a part of annual sector overviews of the biotechnology and healthcare markets, highlighting key trends within these sectors.

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